In a Garden of Remembrance

In a garden of remembrance
Under a blinking and winter moon
Our love shimmers and blossoms
Inhaling your joyful smile
Memories guiding me to your heart
Seeking a resting place of tranquility

In a garden of remembrance
I found a shadow and light that reveals your beauty
Our love sparkles and glistens
Exhaling your graceful spirit
Memories flowing like a river to your heart
Residing in your sensitive arms


    1. I was picturing/thinking about a botanical garden, in which there are trails and bridges and all different types of plants of all different colors/shapes/sizes/smells. Memories are like that too. Walking through them, lingering in some places, moving on through others. Sometimes there’s a bench you can sit and take it all in. …..anyway, thanks for sharing your poem. It brought some rich thoughts to my mind, and I like that.

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