Deceased at Midnight

She sabotaged the dance in the glass ballroom

I wobbled

She exterminated the jitters in the broken conversation

I trembled

She annihilated the echoes of magnetic attraction

I shook

She extinguished the blaze and tremors

I weakened

She damaged our fragile daydream

I froze

She obliterated and paralyzed our cemented love

I stumbled

She shattered our eternal promises

I cried

She abolished the state of confusion

I suffered

She consumed my beliefs and spit on the blood in my veins

I staggered

She smashed my sympathy and disposition with her concrete words

I spiraled

I flatlined with the axe cutting through my tarnished soul at midnight


  1. Beautifully written as always, Braeden. Deeply passionate and poignant. I see the great strength of this poem in the way you have crafted each
    verse, always a cause and its corresponding effect; the latter is much shorter and comes as a devastating bang! Besides, you write in the I-person plus a verb in the simple past. This shortness and sharpness provide great emotional intensity. Great poem!

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  2. This is my favorite piece by you, so far. Which is remarkable Braeden, because I adore everything you write. But this one is special… I felt like I was in that haunting, glass ball world in the Labyrinth. Where everyone is gorgeous and masked. Both sensual and dangerous.

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