Jackknife Cafe

Hypnotized by the sound of ice
Clinking in the sound of a glass
Smoggy and dreary atmosphere
Bottles full of hollowness
Mixed exchanges and signals
Pleasantries found in a blur
Spinning comments climbing up
Overdosed by her lustful winks
Lost between delusions and rainbows
First impressions engraved
A fragrance of whiskey circles
Crack of the cue ball dances
Spreading the triangle to all the corners
Quarters placed on the table
Perfume and alcohol mesh
A stench causing grins and sneers
Digits written in pink lipstick of the bathroom stall
A bartenders chuckle reverberates
Jukebox music playing at a ridiculous decibel
Communication at a bare minimal
Skirts and cleavage lecture over a free drink
Epilogues stumbling in and out
Clumsiness and truth cross paths
Ex lovers stuck close in a soap box
Identities hidden promenading in
Monologues spoken wobbling out
A haven of melancholic thoughts
Stationed between 2nd street and the laundry mat
Match made in intoxicating nirvana


    1. It’s interesting that you say you want to improve on your imagery because that’s one thing you’ve always excelled at as long as I’ve followed your writing. (I know, we always want to improve… I just found it interesting that that is what you’re working on.)

      That said, I love how you’ve redone this. It’s even better than it was.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That’s definitely true. And I agree. I guess for me personally, I have always been moved emotionally by your writing. Like you said, some writing is simply imagery in a mind and we can move on. With the lion’s share of your writing, for me, I feel layers of emotion and energy while reading it, and indeed even after I’ve read the poem. When I revisit the work, I am reminded again of that initial emotional response I had. The fact that you are delving deeper into that context as your writing evolves is really awesome and in my mind only cements what an incredible author you truly are. That you aren’t satisfied with sitting in status quo and the mundane or typical… that is remarkable. Again, thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

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