1. Evocative of many sensations and pleasures, interconnection between food and sexual lust. Some feminist people would not like “Devilish eyes” being associated with the woman licking the icecream, but I think it is a perfect image like all the rest. To me the same image with the devilish eyes would apply to a man as well. Even some religious fanatics (no matter what religion) would not like this either. So what? Negating themselves human needs such as pleasure and eroticism? Absurd. Deep inside what you portray is something each and everyone of us can identify ourselves with because it is deeply human. If you add this to the way you have put all these words together then this poem leaves the reader… hmm… well, breathless! As you read it you taste and feel everything. I so admire your ability to create such emotional intensity in this and in all your poems. So addictive. I think this poem has great strength also because of the combination between verses with -ing forms with an adverb or a direct complement and other verses with just adjective+noun. This wonderful combination allows the reader to linger in each verse as we do in real life when we experiment any kind of pleasure. Yesterday I bought one of your books, The Skeleton’s Magic.

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    1. Well I really appreciate and enjoy your insight when you read my poetry. I also appreciate your support and hope you enjoy it. I am looking forward to your review! It will help me improve as a writer/poet.

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    2. Quite the opposite, although the words “devilish eyes” are used. It was necessary for the flow of this poem. However, I interpreted as lust, as the body yearning for more. The eyes want more. Honestly I don’t know how religion plays into writing poetry. I think He wrote this piece beautifully, and with few words. And I’m a Christian. *gasp* I guess people think Christians aren’t allowed to read poetry nowadays. ☺️

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    3. Yes lust as something bad, but I’m just reading a poem. I don’t lust after the poem, lol! It’s only bad (sin) until you act on it. Eh, that’s a whole other topic, it’s a long explanation. No time now to explain. So in short, good poem! 👍🏼

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