Breathtaking Sessions

A mouth ajar

Sentimental winks

Rhythmic nod

Affection fluctuating

Tensions vibrating

Rising temperatures

Thoughts circling

Craving touch

Embracing pleasures

Lost in a trance

Clenched hands

Trembling fingers

Love and lust entangled

Chances taken

Fear of the unknown

Risking a silent heart beat

Mended old wounds

Slowly opening up

Slightly guarded

Light bulbs go on

The word living is alive

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  1. Attempting to elicit more than a “Thank You” from you so…

    Sometimes when I read your poetry, I truly feel as though you may be able to see the soul of the world in the tiniest of tiny minute detail, that many others do not. That your insight into the sexuality and sensuality of women, and the love/lust threshold that eludes many men is clear as day to you. I pride myself in knowing my inner self and my desires and my soul’s truth very intimately. In your poetry, I see the same insight into yourself but you extend it beyond your own desires and emotions.


    Cool poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I do appreciate a compliment such as this. I am quite touched. I do enjoy the effort you put into your comment and maybe I should be more engaging at times. But yes I pay attention to a lot of little details. Perhaps we are very similar in a lot of ways. You are very insightful. Thank you!

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