Kindness is Italicized

Inexplicably enhanced

and distinguished

Incredibly distinctive

and profound

Kindness is italicized

A rare breed

One of a kind

Embracing humanity

Displaying compassion

Simple greetings

A lost instinctive art

Masses becoming selfish

“One nation under God”

is just a line in an oath

Kindness should be italicized


    1. That’s interesting. I assume that when people are kind to me, it is for kindness’ sake and because they really mean it. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking… but it seems like when I’ve had others (such as yourself) bestow kindness upon me that there’s no ulterior motive (that I can see anyway).

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    2. Well unfortunately in the world especially with men and women kindness is overlooked and it’s flirting. Kindness should be just what the word is but it’s not. I try to be kind and engaging to all my loyal followers.

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  1. Absolutely it should it should be the engine of our lifes.
    I have the opposite problem: I usually don’t see agenda behind kindness and when I find it ,it hurts😔I don’t have agenda when I m kind:either I genuinely am or I genuinely am not and very very naively still think others are too.

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    1. I strongly believe, wholeheartedly so. But I do believe we can confuse ulterior motives at times. Maybe unconsciously unaware at times we are doing it.
      Here I go outside the box. 🧐 Is ulterior motives always underline as negative? Could it be a positive aspect?

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