Drama Free Nation

Standing up against your accusations

Walking away from your allegations

Disgusted by your fabrications

Joining the drama free nation

Shaking my head at your obligations

Reading more into the creations

Stability is a lost sensation

Laughing at your ill advised temptations


    1. True! Maybe, I was just adding a extra flare of drama, to go along with the post…😉 lol!

      Anyways, your poem was super good! It could be lyrics to a song, or something.
      If you don’t mind me asking, where do you get your inspiration?

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    2. Dude! No, way! That would exsplain the steady bet.
      Wow, that’s genius….l’ve been trying to write kind of the same thing, hasen’t been working to well, thought, maybe I need some inspiration from my surroundings.
      Thanks, for answering my questions, Braedenmuchaels and keep up the great work!

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