Deleted Italian Scenes

Siren tongue lashing

Boiling altercation

Turning friction

into shocking magnetism

Slithering tensions

Desires eating away within

Locking away the voices

Ignoring the dangers

Releasing frustrations

in layers of colorful poetry

Disguised in a red arrow mask

Blood thirsty urges rise

Vigorous thumping

Awaiting to erupt

Watching Italian ice drip

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    1. It was a praise for your poetry.long story short even if I am not a poetry expert I love yours and I feel it very close to my personality.i like the way you touch different subjects or one subjects in different ways and most of all with no taboo ….hard to believe sex and lust and love and basically human nature and needs still are a taboo for some in keep it up and keep pleasing my soul.😊

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    2. Well I’m very flattered and touched. As a writer/poet I want my writing to be a menu so my readers are getting a variety. Part of the reason I got rid of the erotica is that we saturated with “erotica” in the blog world and there are so many self publishing writers doing it. I want to be different and original – that’s why you see different categories now. Each category has a potential to be a book. But yes it shouldn’t be taboo at this point. But thank you so much!

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    3. You have a good eye and a great way to express what you see so just trust your instinct and keep doing what you are doing in your unique way.
      That is enough compliment for the week.😜

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  1. As usual I love the sensuality and eroticism of this, Braeden. It reminds me of my friend Mario Savioni’s writing: “Frank closed his eyes. He pictured Nicole. He wanted to get closer, to smell her mouth, to draw his tongue across her teeth and run his fingers through her hair. He could only imagine how she might smell, but however she smelled, he didn’t care. He only knew that she would be fresh to him.” from:

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