Unspoken Dance 

Sipping on brandy
As the conversations stir like drinks
In the corner of my eye walks a stunning beauty
Candlelit piano played with only finger tips
Glancing at her crimson dress from a distance
Nonchalantly photographing her candy lips
Thoughts of caressing her skin flow like a river through my mind
The Mayfield jazz club oozes sensuality, lust, dripping magic, and chills of the spine.
Our eyes meet for the first time and the moment stood still.
The piano is playing endlessly as I pay the check in the clouds of smoke
The dance floor is empty as I stand in the center
Volts of passion soar through my body waiting to just dance with the most beautiful woman in the room
Elegance walks towards me as my hands wait
I place my hands on her waist and feel the silk of the dress
Our lips are inches apart waiting to connect
We move to the sound of the delicate piano as we do not speak a word
As the jazz club empties invincible fire is burning as we continue the unspoken dance
The radiance of her beauty is astonishing
I craved her essence and warmth
I respected and cherished every second
Instead of kissing her lips I leaned in to place my lips on her cheek
As our bodies became closer to the sound of the piano I whispered in her ear
“I want to make love to you.”

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  1. A beautifully magical masterpiece! The attraction and tension is intense. Your words have me in a crimson dress in my mind. If I close my eyes I can hear the piano and feel hands on my hips. I strongly love this. Well done!

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Really rich and dizzying… I love this. Your line “as the conversations stir like drinks” is so strong… that I think you could drop the “like”. Read it without like and see what you think. 😉 Amazing stuff, man.

    Liked by 4 people

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