Loneliness on a Barbwire

Laying here losing two pounds
Laying here gnawing at the window sill
Laying here in the obscenities
Laying here another endless second

Laying here in the reruns of my brainstorm
Laying here for an eternity
Laying here in the declination
Laying here in the wicked demise

Laying here in fury and sadness
Laying here in the pitch black
Laying here without a clock
Laying here in the cracks of fear

Laying here tangled up in the screams
Laying here in the sea of loneliness
Laying here in the catatonic memories
Laying here in the callous stratosphere

Laying here in the quivering static
Laying here next to the ruble
Laying here next to the embedded stain
Laying here beside the exhaustion

Laying here within the vacancy
Laying here in the nothingness
Laying here in the calm dusk
Laying here in the obscurity

Laying here beside the thin walls
Laying under the dim lights
Laying here in the snow globe
Laying here in the carnage

Closing my eyes on the barbwire


  1. Wow. Braeden. This is… yeah… this is really really good. Each and every line is hard-hitting and real. The sharp bite of loneliness. Memories and longing and hollowness and tears and aching and turmoil and despair and on it goes. Very good work, as I always expect from your pen. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world. We’re better for it. I truly believe that.

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  2. Wow a lot can go on in the mind when you are laying down trying to sleep. This is powerful proof. I think when our eyes finally do shut it feels like barbed wire. I’ve been experiencing this myself the last few days! Excellent write 🙂

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