Sugar Fascination

I’ve undressed your kindness

and taste the sweet tea

I’ve undressed your words

and swallow your charm

I’ve undressed your candor

and step into your confidence

I’ve undressed your intellect

and fell in love with your wit

I’ve undressed your beliefs

and sleep with your poetry

I’ve undressed your receptiveness

and dance with your fire

I’ve undressed your sharpness

and licked your bitterness

I’ve undressed your magnetism

and latch on to your spell

I’ve undressed your enchanted eyes

and grip your mysterious soul

I’ve undressed your broken star

and see a magnificent galaxy


    1. There are ways to keep the creativity flowing. You can find my ebook on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Braeden Michaels – The Devil’s Blacklist, Collected Poems. Thank you.

      I’m starting to dabble in romance short stories.

      Thank you! Already working on a 2nd book.

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    1. No…but I’d stay tuned if I were you….I shan’t reveal the “when” but you already know the “where.”
      I bid you good night dear Braeden!

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  1. Reblogged this on seekthebestblog and commented:
    In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, I have decided to select and recite some romantic pieces from a few of my favorite poets on WordPress.

    Today, I give you:

    Sugar Fascination…
    A piece written by a charming and brilliant poet, Braedenmichaels. He’s one bad dude with paper and pen! YAAASSS!

    Recitation by Lady G.

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