Longing for Forevermore

I’m longing for over the top devotion

I’m longing for the missing to be an ache

I’m longing for the colors to feel bright

I’m longing for the tears in your eyes

I’m longing for the touch to make me quiver

I’m longing for the kiss to never stop

I’m longing for the words you say to shout

I’m longing for the actions to match your words

I’m longing for the desire to be overwhelming

I’m longing for the gap between us to disappear

I’m longing for us to mean what we stated in our vows

I’m longing for the word forever to be inscribed in our veins

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  1. I read a lot of “Dear Abby” and other advice columns and this poem sums up the letters of many people who feel like they are stuck in a bland relationship but don’t know how to vocalize their wants/needs to their partner.

    very inspiring 🙂

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