Silently Incarcerated

In a faded brick dungeon

Goodbye written in cursive

on the comatose barricade

Silently incarcerated for

not forgiving myself

Staring at the inner shadows

Paralyzed by the fears

Hibernating from the

distant accusations

Collapsing to the ground

from the violent prosecution

Lies refusing to evaporate

Evidence held hostage

Deserving to be in contempt

Verdict closing in on

my prisoned and deranged soul

Swallowing the key


  1. Ah, pretty scare photo. I need to sleep with a nightlight, LOL!
    But I agree with everyone, you painted a great picture of how we can be (our own worst critics or held hostage to the inner prison we built). We are held a captive by our own negative thoughts, shame, or sins. We’re surrounded by deep wounds, a past we cannot escape (or choose not to escape). We get accustom (comfortable) in the prison. Little do we know we posses the key (“Swallowing the key”) to escape or fear of using it. Sort of spiritual post as well. This one I really like a lot. Because it speaks of struggles we all experienced.

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