Rusty Thorns

A weeping transformation

Gliding obscurity

Soaring melancholy drifts

Disregarding intentions

Clasping to what was

Binding to a new found love

Seeing hollow affection

Cradling the bottle of hope

Admiring your perception

Desiring to comprehend

what you saw in me

I saw glitter in your

diamond shaped soul

Forever it will sparkle

on the crisp edges

of my fragmented heart

Ignoring the rusty thorns


  1. Is this holiday related? The tone is reminiscent of someone having to deal with a breakup during the ‘happiest time of the year.’

    especially: ‘Cradling the bottle of hope’= drinking away one’s problems.

    Have a happy last week of 2017
    2018 will only get worse but at least the world get the chance to hit the proverbial restart button.

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