From Above and Outward

Breathtaking hallucinations
Flying without aluminum wings
Treasuring the peaks and valleys
Admiring the crystal meadow

Distinctly harboring the flashes
Mesmerizing the spheres
In awe of the radiance and glow
Caught up in the photographic glance

Staring at the vanishing mirror
Finally opening my eyes to the light
Seeing new beginnings
Drawing lines of all the endings

Chapters divided and separated by victories
Losses are no longer crippling
Deciding to see the glass half full than empty
Entering a clear atmosphere


    1. mmmm. Yes. I’ve got two delicious stories in draft and at least two more on the way. I became inspired earlier as I took a shower… although honestly it wasn’t the location that inspired me, that just happened to be where I was so I have no idea why I added that piece of “vital” information. Hahaha!

      How about you?

      Liked by 1 person

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