Salty Lust

In this sweet and taboo temptation

Rare and serene love making twitch

Watching love flicker like a switch

Misguided by all of the sensations

Lust is driven by overblown heat

Grabbing and surrendering fire

Aching and craving raging desire

Blood rushing from head to feet

In this salty and disgusting mess

You said words you didn’t mean

Forcing me to remove my dress

Watching this unfold become obscene

We are here knowing you mean less

Hoping that this was all a dream


  1. Such a unique take on the idea of anger/revenge sex.

    I never experienced it, but in the movies and in sitcoms they always mention “break up sex”, “apology sex”, “(any negative, word) +sex.”

    This really brings about the idea that sex is not love, sex is a physical release that one may or may not regret the next day. 😛

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