A Crack in the Lullaby

And the chimes on the porch

whistle to the roar

And the faucet drips a lonely

drop of sorrow into the sink

And the stairs have a thin

board to make a crying melody

And the fools in the bed

sleep beside plastic hearts

And the rusty garbage can

rattles off anticlimactic jokes

And the couch has been

reminiscing of the teenage years

And the doorknobs in the hall

sob from the ageless slams

And the coffee cups fight

over glazed donuts and cinnamon toast

And the glasses of water

seek optimism in the dark

And the comic books

in the dresser drawer salivate next

to the X Rated magazines

And the mobile in the crib

has a crack in the lullaby

And the lock on the door plays

the piano to emptiness

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