Unprecedented Name

From the scribbled crux

to the highest point of sensations

your name clears my throat

Vast skin tingles and thirst growls

Oceans of lust gurgle

your name silences the storm

From your intellect and strength

to your brilliant essence

your entirety is astonishing

Stunning and remarkable

A decade of beauty

Thought to be fictitious

your name is unprecedented

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    1. So, am I not to read something and “make it my own”? In other words, there is a ring of Truth, a resonance within my own self that I can identify with, that gets me thinking about my own life. Am I to separate myself from the art? Isn’t that what it’s all about, though? Writing or painting or sculpting a piece of yourself but as others view it, they don’t identify with you the artist, they identify with the work.

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