Twisted Fairytales 

Lovesick and in a thousand
bits of agony spread out over the dust
Shredded and defeated
No golden paths or marble dance floor
The wrecking disco ball evaporated
Romeo was convicted of manslaughter
and wearing bell bottom jeans
Aimlessly driving through quicksand
Drowning in self pity and tossing
the words of Shakespeare into the trash
Juliet stood frozen on the center stage
manipulating the script in her mind
No longer believing in the crystal ball
love becoming a nightmare not a fairytale
The poets and songwriters clench to
melodies of sarcasm and emptiness


  1. And I like how you describe this antithesis of romance because it is sadly real in many cases. The references to Shakespeare’s tragedy fit in perfectly, where we assume there was true or ideal love between Juliet and Romeo, where none of the two was wanting to get out of the relationship by harming the lover. A tragic fairytale because of the power abuse around the two lovers, their families afoul. But in your poem you present new prototypes of Juliet and Romeo, where Juliet stands for the sort of manipulative lover who harms the other one. Sometimes it is the woman who abuses man, sometimes the other way round, sometimes a transgender abuses the other one… always one human being abusing the other person(s), sometimes only psychologically, in a very subtle way. I think your poem expresses this kind of manipulative sarcastic behavior as these lines indicate:
    “Juliet stood frozen on the center stage
    manipulating the script in her mind”

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