Vows to an Angel

I stood between the dusk

and the shimmering light

I stared at the crescent of

the bellowing moon

As I sat there in a moment

of reflection

I could feel the teardrops of

an angel fall on my shoulder

She was more radiant

than a painting

She was more elegant

than a statue of gold

I fell in love with her

crying shadows

I fell in love with her

loneliness and cravings

As my hand touched

her cheek bone

I was overcome by joy

Fulfilled every threshold

of my beating and still heart

On bended knee

I wept in the river of love

Overflowing and cleansed

I reached for my quill

and the words poured out

like the rain from the bleeding sky

My undying love for a fallen angel

was cemented in my vows

Embraced in forever

Cherishing her like a poem

Placing the diamond on her

porcelain finger

Gentle like a china doll

Eternal flames surround our unity

Endlessly in love with a perfect soul

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  1. This is hands-down one of the best poems I’ve ever read. I’ve read it three times so far. The imagery it evokes is powerful and I can picture it with perfect clarity. Just really very well done. I love it.

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