Gap of Fear

Stride in the typhoon and seek the cornerstones

Rip the vocal chords from your non confrontational being

Walking through the motions never bridges the gap

Step in the watercolored storm and find

the essence

Stare at the wheels of my mind and dissect the glue

Patience is a feather sitting on a scale

Discussions become clinical

Conversations whirl in the palms

Obsolete pieces of the puzzle become weight on the shoulder

Walk on the path and speak from the inside

Not to appease or satisfy others

For once take a step forward to close the gap of fear


    1. Trust me, I wasn’t like this many years ago. It’s only through my faith, I can now take a leap. It’s just about growth. And because of my writing, I had to take risk, it’s my passion to write and just like the motto on my blog “Creativity takes Courage”

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    2. That’s a great question! I have 2 books of poetry on Amazon – The Devil’s Blacklist and The Skeleton’s Magic. On my blog in the menu there is “Books by Braeden Michaels” you can read some of the reviews. I encourage you to check them out and would love honest reviews. Thank you so much for showing interest!

      I am working on a 3rd book “Rattle in a Cage”

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