Tangled up in Tricks

I drank your monkeyshine from morning until dusk

I consumed your escapade until laughter had a scent

I fell into your delusions and swing danced with a one handed conundrum

I scolded your impositions as the non talking jester chuckled

I was swindled by your kindness and sweet fascinations

I was bamboozled until your thorns turned maroon

I was drenched from your storm of deception

I was intoxicated from your innocent wine

I was brainwashed from your diabolical treachery

I didn’t mean to taste your bitter Shangri-la from your bottle of shenanigans

I swallowed my ignorance as the dull razor slit my throat

I bowed down to the queen as she placed her crown on with a smirk

I looked up speechless and disappeared into the pitch black


  1. Wow. Killer first line, Braeden. Hooked me right in. And then the hooks kept a comin’ right til the very end. Every step of the way my reaction was yes, yes, yes! More, more, more!
    Engaging and exciting work.
    And monkeyshines, bamboozled, shenanigans, diabolical and razor are some of my all time favorite words. I particularly enjoyed your application of these.

    Liked by 1 person

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