1. Well,
    I’m ready for multifaceted layers
    I’m ready for a unique spirit
    I’m ready for an open mind
    I’m ready for this to be easy
    I’m ready for intelligent conversation
    I’m ready for a sense of humor
    I’m ready for a brave decision
    I’m ready for the strong touch
    I’m ready for heated looks
    I’m ready for steady footsteps
    I’m ready for depth with substance
    I’m ready for a change

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    1. I love the two faces of the human animal you both, Braeden and Tara, have portrayed here. On the one hand, the stagnation we often suffer from, which you very well describe in your dark poem, Braeden. On the other hand, there is the will to move forward expressed by your after poem, Tara. Two sides of the same coin, like the two faces of Roman God Janus: one face that looks backward in stagnation and the other one that looks into the future and says “I’m ready for a change”. I love Lana Del Rey’s song “Change” as it expresses the same will despite difficulties:

      “Change is a powerful thing
      People are powerful beings
      Trying to find the power in me to be faithful”

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    2. Yes. That’s it exactly. The two faces. That’s what I thought as I read Braeden’s poem. There was the stagnation and dark putrefaction. But then one has the choice to change and move forward. Whether from reflecting on their own life or by seeing the example of others is neither here nor there. The fact is, we can change our future by simply make the choice to. You nailed exactly what was running through my mind as well. And this is one reason why I adore his writing, because it nearly always sparks deep thoughts and sometimes discussion. I appreciate that immensely.

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