Splash of Arrogance

An arrogant expletive in the middle

Molded and sculpted from above

A name of excellence and spectacularity

One compelling man rising

from his own two hands and confidence

A mission of accomplishments

Ripping teeth from a lion

Wrestling with inward demons

Battling with clever and wit

Flowing with wide intellect

Dashing sense of humor

Standing twenty feet tall

Conquering all small defeats

to become larger than a movie

Ladies and Gentleman

Children of all ages

Wear belief like a trench coat

Never take it off


  1. I love this. In fact, this reminds me of someone I know. 🤔 But what I like is the positivity of this. Almost like at a circus or show where the ringmaster belts out a tantalizing description of the next act and he reels you in, saying just enough to get you on the edge of your seat. And here’s the fucking Act of the Century!!! Be Amazed!! And you know what? I know I WILL be amazed and I will not be disappointed. So… here I am, on the edge of my seat: what’s next Ringmaster?

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