White Knuckled

She scribbled about instigators, wolves, and faceless clowns

She scribbled about shockwaves, blooming flowers and pieces of the heart

She scribbled about unfounded wisdom and the disciples

She scribbled about thick tension and the absent of the light

She scribbled about twirling magic and the dust that never settled

She scribbled about hidden fears and white knuckled prayers

She scribbled about disappointing laughter and cynicism

She scribbled about hopelessness and one night stands

She scribbled about trees of money and sand on the beach

She scribbled about endless dreams and stood dead center of a cold nightmare

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  1. She scribbles about many things
    She scribbles in the hopes of finding redemption
    She scribbles through her tears
    She scribbles in her dreams
    She scribbles even when she can’t think
    She scribbles until she forgets

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