House of Wreckage

Possessed and obsessed of the clack

High pitched sound ringing

Creaking of the board on the 5th step

Porcelain chimes hanging on the porch

Three year old stuffed baby doll

Underneath the empty crib

Desolation is a sore pimple waiting

Luggage sitting in the run down van

Nervousness stains on her cheeks

Courage turns the key in the ignition

Straying from a house of wreckage

Abandoning abuse from a tiny man

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  1. it reminds me of the spirit of the song ‘Blown Away’ by Carrie Underwood (which also uses property destruction/desolation as a metaphor for physical/emotional abuse.)

    but “Abandoning abuse from a tiny man”
    I know tiny could mean a lot of things but my mind went to one very specific place. :))

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