Blackout Sessions

A staggering entanglement of vibes

Simmering irritations and agitations

Tormented in senseless pleasure

A slap to bleach white skin

Backhanded foul mouth lingering

A frustrated sting of rug burns

Hand wrapped around her throat

In and out of consciousness

Slurping on venom inside the drain

of a disastrous nightmare

Gnawing on bits of ecstasy

Biting on gigantic pills of melancholy

Swallowing liquids of chaos

Constantly humming a tune of exasperation

Watching a rerun of blackouts

Hostility and seduction is potent

Scraping the bottom of grudges

Tormenting all of your bitter cliches

Scratching the barriers between

our thin and blotchy scars

Sipping on our lethal poison

exchanging sour conversations

Recognizing this tumultuous web

Closing these critical and shaken eyes

Seeing the haze in the back of my skull


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