Voluptuous Sessions

Hardcore to the third degree

Obscene tension ripped in half

Smutty and dangerous lipstick

Slightly offensive and crude

Demanding and commanding

Caught off guard

Twisting and stirring

A sighing lecherous pleasure

Throbbing blue and purple

Pretty hate steam leaking

Revealing bits of hunger

Withholding a venture of thirst

Staring at a wild ache

Arching and eyes rolling

Selfless gratification

Submerged in satisfaction

Worshiping and idolizing skin

Indulging in a slice of spice

Treasuring a succulent nectar

Relishing in solace

Forty eight hours of zest


  1. Beautifully written erotic poem, emotionally intense partly thanks to the use of verb forms ending in -ing that allow the reader to linger in each verse. Some occasional breaks of this rhythm within the poem are produced with lines like “Obscene tension ripped in half”, “Caught off guard” and “Submerged in satisfaction”. I wonder at the function of these lines that seem to indirectly appeal to the narrator of the poem and also to the reader as spectators of life, of sexual lust, of what we on one hand may reject but, on the other, desire? Love this double rhyme: “Indulging in a slice of spice”

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