Blackout Hill (Part 10)

I am a genius

Kidnapping day

I know where you park

your blatant shiny car

at your prestigious job

As you work your long day

Someone will be tampering

with your brakes

I paid the individual a few

dollars to perform this duty

in cash so there is no history

No I didn’t withdraw this

money from my account

I’m too damn smart

I’m very anxious when you start

your “I’m a rich bastard” car

I know the route you take home

You will head to the highway

and hopefully you will press

your foot on the brakes going

at least sixty miles per hour

I pray to my heavens that you

smash that car and you fly

through the windshield

Your body will be all over the

highway in bits as others

run you over and over

I want to make sure that there

is no body to be buried

No proof of crime

No body in a casket

for your wife to see


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