1. Doesn’t the roar eventually come out? When the paralysis becomes enough to bring one undone…….the disconnection, fear, ignorance becomes intolerable. Vocalizations eventually come out. Even in the ones who stay the most quiet and have the least to say. The ones who tolerate, fear, detest and bottle up their thoughts….eventually, suddenly movement is found. No longer paralyzed. The roar is impenetrable to all else. Just a thought…

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    1. Yes, but the roar (or the bottled up anger) will be expressed not as a sound, but more like a physical performance and spiritual aura. You’ll be draped in the hatred, it’ll be like radiating off your skin. 🤔

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  2. This makes me think of a Simpson episode. I don’t know why my mind goes to such weird places. Your work is far too lovely to be compared to Homer. But in one episode he tries to surpress his rage and he winds up getting these knots on the back of his neck. He was basically hurting himself by holding it all in. I can say from personal experience it’s easier to say what you feel when it’s a fresh wound over waiting and letting it fester because then you are guaranteed to erupt and the worst possible time.

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    1. I totally agree! It’s like self inflicting pain when the other person has no care in the world. Or like they say, it’s like giving yourself poison, while the other person is not affected. I think that’s how the expression goes, 😆

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  3. Oh I’ve been there, when the hatred stirs deep inside, I wished my silent stare could cause the other person pain. At least that’s how I’d describe how my anger use to be in the past. This piece exemplifies it! 👍🏼

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    1. I’m verbal now, when someone hurts my feelings in the most clean verbiage possible, 😆 but then I always remember hurting people hurt others. Only they can change how they act. I can choose to walk away. But yes, it’s better to find an outlet to release the anger. Anyway, I thought the poem described it very well.

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