Cobwebs from a Closet

She’s stolen cobwebs from a closet filled with smoke from the past

She’s cut off branches from a tree of enigmas and silence

And the wound widens

She’s stolen a book of witchcraft filled with ashes from a burning future

She’s cut off the pleasantries and tossed them in a garbage bag

And the wound thickens

She’s stolen a plate of humility from the poor to feed her children with a silver spoon

She’s cut off a lions tooth with a dull razor in front of a thousand knights

And the wound aches

She’s stolen the yellow from the crying moon to fulfill her emptiness

She’s cut off the baggage to make her self shine among the many

And the wound speaks

She’s stolen wisdom from the educators to make her appear intelligent

She’s cut off the hands that fed her through the dark

And the wound overtakes her

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  1. For some of us…wisdom comes from living! I never made it to college. Tuition would have been paid in full. But I was to busy living…and struggling on my own,young and stubborn. and well, I wish I had gone to college! But I have raised smart son’s none the less!
    Wisdom is freedom from the ‘norm’. And paying attention to life. There is so much to learn. I don’t read much, to busy living my own gig. I also think some people are born wise? Outstanding poetry by you many times over! You are an eager one? Good luck with your books…

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    1. You bet! I hope I stick around long enough to see you progress further!
      I’m trying to keep up with comments and reading poems when I am able. Everyone deserves respect from their peers, but it is a lot to keep up. How much is your book?

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    2. Thank you. I remember the recent one now. I had written a poem last weekend and My title resembled you new book title. When I saw that I change my poem title. It happens sometimes.🙂 Good luck to you with book sales!

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    1. Well if you notice I write from different points of view. I rarely write from my point of view. Also I create tiny bits of structure. I am constantly challenging myself as a writer. But what a lovely compliment!


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