3:45 AM

I’ve resided in the fallen darkness. I’ve stared at the glass of redemption and feel it’s fragility. I’ve walked among the ruins and recognize a distorted mirror. I’ve tied myself to the script. I’ve seen the chameleons slither around my woven sun. I’ve sat on the branches and saw the sand I could not feel. I’ve reveled in my stench. I’ve tried for a decade to remove the aroma. I’ve cried a thousand teardrops and have crawled through the river of gloom. I have finally thrown away the key to insomnia. I have finally slept and see the reality for the first time.


  1. It’s good when you finally get to sleep! This brought many flashbacks to my days and days and days of insomnia… Although, this is far more lovely. I remember a lot of infomercials (I knew the list of songs off by heart for the cd decade collections) and A LOT of children’s shows! (I have no shame in admitting to the hours of Arthur I watched. That is a FANTASTIC show!)

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  2. Okay, I’m sure this isn’t where you were going with this but as I read it through several times, I pictured a, mmmm, Neanderthal-type guy making this cognitive leap, but as he leaps right into that modern-man suit-n-tie persona, it seems that he was only regressing (not an actual ‘monkey-brain’ making the evolution). What I mean is, when we go for hours without sleep and some parts of the brain shut down and some parts light up even brighter. Suddenly we can find ourselves staring at a leaf for twenty minutes or out a window while seeing absolutely nothing while that slow, sleepy base-brain works through it. And then, when we wake up, maybe we don’t study that pane of glass but at least we still have clarity of thought. Now I say all that but I don’t really think it just relates to sleep. Take for instance when we are stuck in a certain closed-off way of thinking. We seemingly are living in that Neanderthal-brain. Then when we “wake up” to using an open mind and thought, that clarity comes in to focus. I hope I am making myself understood. It’s difficult for me to put what this poem made me think about into clear words.

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