Terms of Endearment

It’s been a pleasure my love

It’s been a joy my sweet heart

You are my center

It’s been a delight my plum

It’s been wondrous my beloved

You are my rock

It’s been precious my sweet pea

It’s been a dreamscape my angel

You are my other half

It’s been enchanting my dear

It’s been a world of glee my light

You are my world

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    1. Thank you again. Yes, you are so damn right. I just lack confidence because I so love the work of others like yours and the other books and poems I have read and/or reviewed. Comparisons are hateful and diminish one’s self-esteem. Anyway, I am so glad to have met you in the realms of wordpress. I just find it so easy and pleasurable to connect with your work. If you ever visit Barcelona we have poetry readings where you could present your books.

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