Candice Warner – Collaboration w/ Mary Ramsey

Watching caterpillars smile

Hands digging in the dirt

Ankles in slosh and goo

Filthy and funny tomboy

Tossing dolls away

Playing with plastic trucks

Stacking blocks up high

Mind of a engineer

Embracing complexity

Mastering the rubix cube

in under four minutes

Sophisticated and grown

Intimidated by her intellect

Accomplished with accolades

Fearing the all knowing woman

knowing exactly what she wants

Mary – artwork

Braeden – Poem

Check out her blog if you haven’t, not only can she do art she can write. Mary is extremely very talented! She created the art based on the poem. She did an awesome job!

This is her book, Dakota Son.


  1. So cool 😀

    After reading the poem, I was going for the Northern Califonia geek-girl chic (the girl with the graduate degree who also loves Marvel movies and codes games as a hobby); a modern take on female empowerment.

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