1. Wow, Braeden! A fantastic post, and dare I say, very true for so many?? Not sure you are going to make many points with the girls??? Ha!! Your last two lines are Classic!!!! And sadly true, also!! Bellissimo, My Friend! Gold Stars!!!!

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    1. I’m just being real and honest here. If a man vocalizes what he needs and wants and she doesn’t deliver that’s what happens. But it also goes for men too. Just keep each other happy in all aspects. But thanks!

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    2. Yes, it’s best to be honest but I think sometimes guys are reluctant to push it. Especially, if they sense that there’s never a doubt of an ability to be replaced. I knew I was in trouble when I heard “I don’t want to have to feel responsible for you”! That was a heading for single in the express lane! All worked out for the best!

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    1. You are so welcome! I really love the truth in your post!! Reminds me a little of the analogy I sometimes use that women hate! “Who owns the diner?”. Everybody’s got to eat? I always ask and get glares and protestations that it’s not accurate – “How would you feel if I locked up the fridge and cupboards and you could only eat when I’m hungry?” I get lots of Devil Emojis for that! Ha! Bravo and brave, My Friend!!

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  2. This is very true. Not offensive. Quite frankly, I never understand why there isn’t more adventure, because using it as a weapon or a chore, just sounds dull. You don’t want to turn the other person into a seeker, elsewhere.

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    1. I don’t think they’re confuse, they don’t know what it is or they don’t want to put effort into research or they think its taboo. Sex, intimacy, whatever word people prefer seems to believe it’s unholy or dirty. Why? I’ve no clue. It’s apart of reproduction, is it not? it was designed for a purpose. LOL!

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