A Chuckle at Tragedy

You razz and josh subjects you can’t comprehend

You deceive and prick at only the surface

Treating me as a demented quirk

Exhaling my distinctions

Removing the cape of the tired fool

I’m the parody and the epic scene

that is deleted in my gloomy mind

Refusing to unveil the inspirations

and the stolen car on Blank look Avenue

You taunt and force feed me your belief

Playing a leading role of affection

Love is just a hand gesture

A peck on the frozen cheek

Distant formal hug

Watching my existence turn into a

melodic and satirical tragedy

I’m the punchline in your one liner

Gazing at my silence and stillness

Choking on my individuality

Becoming a laughing stock

Regurgitating the formalities

Blind and not recognizing

my requirements are at a level

your ignorance and humor can’t see

Check out my books!


    1. The line represents someone doing something, wrong to you, without you knowing because you aren’t looking at the right things. At some point it comes clear to what is being done to you. That’s the premise of the poem!

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