Prescription of Loneliness

Rumbles and roars
Stitches and fevers
Discombobulated from the tension
Flown and fierce
Vicious and beheaded
Dizzy from the winter chill
Magnificent and magnitudes
Crawling and kneeling
Distracted from the loneliness
Faceless and fears
Blown and chewed
Staggering from the bottle
Wounded and weary
Naked and depressed
Dazzled from the sleeping pills
Swallowed and sipped
Hollow and empty
Light headed from the reality
Drowning and disappearing
Exiting and numb
Waits for the prescription of loneliness


  1. I am all for good chemicals well used. Problems are created when they are not well prescribed… or when people are diagnosed for political reasons. Some people will see an opportunity to make money in anything and if they are not morally capable of separating desires from responsibility… education around the entire globe under all types of regimes has probably failed us all as the tools and magic has grown beyond the handlers

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