Begins With You 

You can live

in the past

or start a new chapter

You can hold

on to the memories

Begin to make

new ones

You can stare

into the pitch black

or look at the light

You can clench

on to the grief

or begin to try to let go

You can live

the same life

or begin to try new things

You can embrace

who you are

or expect others

to raise you

You can glance

at your shadow

or grasp your beauty

You can ignore

your scars

or feel your wounds

You can seek

the truth in the journey

or lie to yourself

It begins with you


  1. I like this except I do disagree with the grief part. Grief is not something you “let go” of. It is a part of you, as long as you embrace it, don’t try to fight it, but also do not allow it to completely overcome who you are. When I embraced my grief, acknowledged it was a forever-part of me, that was when healing began. I practice what I call “intention grieving” which is when I set time aside to pull the grief out and allow myself permission to relive the loss of my son, to cry or laugh or shout or sit quietly or draw or scream or whatever it is I need to do. It is in this way I cleanse my soul and the intense feelings of loss do not overtake me at any whim. I have not let go of the grief. I have embraced it. My two cents.

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    1. Well we all deal and experience with grief differently. Pain is subjective. This is a very subjective concept. I have dealt with grief so I get it. I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your point of view.


    2. On my other blog I’ve written plenty on grief and loss. It doesn’t really have a place here on this one. I also do some child-loss counseling. But my grief doesn’t ultimately define me. I am still the same caribou who lives in her head a bit too much, loves strongly, has an insatiable sexual appetite and eschews wearing clothing 90% of the time. LMAO

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  2. This hit me… HARD. Perhaps one of the most beautiful writings of yours I’ve ever read. August 8 and 11 are two MAJOR steps, firsts, in my life. So much means, meant, to me on those days. I cried, sobbed, during that week week. I can honestly say I’ve never ever felt more alone than I did on those days. No holiday, nothing ever, has or will ever make me feel like that. I’ve 3 months of the year that do not exist for me anymore. One day of those months I have to acknowledge. November, gone, May – non existant except for one day – the birth of my oldest……wait…..4 months. March, out of my calendar and August? Completely erased……pardon my language, but August can fuck itself and die a horrid, bitter death.


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