Spite and Residue

Between the depths

of the lies and

the shadows

of the truth crawls

the slippery residue


Love is dangling

Love is slipping

Love is shrieking


Between the purple

dying leaves and

the raging trunk of

the dying tree shines

the river of freedom


Love is morbid

Love is a sour taste

Love is hollow


Between the shallow

creek of anger and

the footsteps of

carelessness lives

the adverse corridor


Love is fading

Love is a haze

Love is blurry


Between the reckless

conversations and

the spite of silence

is the fear on the

front page


Love is nonexistent

Love is disappearing

Love is callous


  1. I was drawn to this piece because there are 2 ways to look at it.
    1. I was mentally adding a last line “But love is still love.” Going with the idea that even in the worst of situations we can search for the positive or look to the people who truly care.
    Or-2. Love is literally a character wondering around like Golem from Lord of rings. Love is a creature, that’s why it can be hard to find and even more difficult to cling to.



    1. You are welcome. I really felt for this poem. And the way that in the end, love just becomes pppcruel, after having been a blur for a while. I fecognise this experiencr

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