Poisonous Earwax

Displeased with the disposition

Au revoir to your fake backbone

Standing vigorously ten feet tall

Apologetic for my identity

Walking into a depleted tone

Lacking the courage to be an adult

Unable to converse and debate

Watching admiration depreciate

to a faded 1974 penny

Connections pulled from the wall

Your skull full of poisonous earwax

Diagnosed with selfishness

Carrying a humongous ego

Wishing and hoping I desired you

But I don’t backbite to your face

I stare truth in the wicked eyes

and release it from my fingertips


  1. Very well written as always. The title has immediately drawn my attention since I got earwax removed two days ago. Coincidence? Maybe not. Just hope I am not that wicked and selfish as the character of your poem. 😉


    1. My pleasure, and so are you. By the way, my last post is a review of a book by a very important friend of mine. If it weren’t for him I would not have created my blog and would never have come across your beautiful poems. I bought one of your books and I could write a similar review for you. I am currently helping others, but when I am done I will get to your work in depth as I told you. Perhaps you can have a look at this review?


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