1. As much I would like to do that my books are currently ebooks – on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. I don’t have the ability yet to make it in print. This is my 2nd book, my first book is the same way. It’s flattering though you would like a signed copy.

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  1. Congratulations 🙂 Im still working on publishing a book of my poetry…seems all my other projects keep getting in the way. curious though, do you find that poetry books sell? Im wondering if its ‘worth the effort’ ?

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    1. Thank you and that’s an excellent question. I think it depends on how you look at it. No I don’t expect to make millions or a living from it. This is my 2nd book. WP is a good platform to grow an audience and obviously you have to use social media to promote it too. To me you have to start somewhere regardless of what genre it is if it’s self published. My sales I think are what I expected for the first book but I never had high expectations. I hope I answered your question.


    2. I actually have the book put together , I just need to actually format it. Thats the part that kills me. My publisher does that part for me with my books, but its $50 and if I can do it myself….Does the website you mentioned format for you?

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    3. You can pick the format. I make my own covers too. They primarily act as a distribution. You upload the manuscript and they do the rest. They don’t make a penny unless you make money.


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