Part 2 – My First Romance Story

We all ran down to the basement to play. Allie and I sat on the couch. Nathan and Samantha begin to go through the chest to find something to play.

“Bring the notebook?”

I pulled it from my jacket as she laughed.

“Why did you put it there Ben?”

“My mom found it and I don’t know. I just did.”

“You must be shy about it.”

I didn’t say a word and opened it up.

“Here you go Allie, what do you think?”

She browsed and read this first.

The sad clown

went to bed.

No sounds

in his head.

Closed his eyes

He said goodbye.

All he saw was red.

“So what does this mean Ben?”

“I don’t know it just came to me.”

“You just started writing this stuff?”

“Yeah I kept on looking at Nathan’s books. Especially Dr. Seuss. I thought I would try to do what he can do.”

“Oh ok I see.”

“Why is this guy a doctor anyway? All he does is rhyme words. He doesn’t look at anyone’s tonsils or eyeballs. None of what he writes makes any sense.”

“Very true Ben.”

“So I thought maybe you can help me add words to it. This can be what we do for fun once in a while.”

“Yeah it’s different. But you want me to think and we aren’t in school.”

“Do you want to help or not?”

“Yeah I will help you.”

We stared at what I wrote for a few minutes.

Then she added more to it and changed a bit to it.

The sad clown

went to bed.

Too many thoughts

in his head.

Closed his eyes

He said goodbye.

Time to forget

all the things people said.

“Allie, that’s pretty good! That makes more sense.”

“Yeah it does but this seems kinda boring to me.”

It kinda made me sad that she said that. I’m not sure why that bothered me but it did.

I looked at my brother and Samantha. They were watching tv and making faces at one another. Apparently I was on my own if I wanted to write whatever I was writing. I thought Allie would like it.

“Let’s just watch with them.”

“Allie what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I want to be a teacher.”

“Why is that?”

“They teach kids.”

“Remember my mom does that and she always says they don’t pay her enough for all the crap she does.”

“Ben you said a bad word!”

“Crap isn’t a bad word. I’ve heard my Dad say bad words and I can’t repeat them until I’m 21 according to my Mom.”

“Yeah I’ve heard my Mom say bad words too. But I got yelled at for using the word crap.”


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