My First Romance Story – Part 1

“Ben, where is your brother?”

“He just went outside to play.”

“Didn’t I tell you last night you two needed to clean your room?”

“We did clean it.”

I was in the bathroom and my mom was in her room.

“So I can walk in there and check it?”

I was filling up the sink to see if the boat I had made would float.


“Ben Michael Masters your room is not clean!

One section of it is and the rest isn’t.”

“You meant the whole room?”

“Go get Nathan and clean the entire room, NOW!”

I tossed down my boat and ran down the stairs. I slammed the door out of aggravation and yelled his name. Nathan came running from next door. It looked like he was talking to Allie.

“We have to finish cleaning our room. I think Mom is on her period.”

I have no clue what a period is but my dad always said when she is cranky she is on her period. I’m only ten years old, but everything my dad says is true. We went upstairs to go clean our room and my mom stood in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips.

“Boys you know better, when I tell you to clean your room, I mean the whole room.”

“Yes Mom.”

“Ben what is that notebook on your bed, it’s open and it looks like you have written a lot?”

I snatched it and closed it right away.

“Nothing Mom.”

This was the age I begin to write. I’m not even sure if it made any sense but the sound of words rhyming somehow appealed to my little brain. I can’t even explain it. I threw it in my dresser drawer and had a feeling my mom would one day walk in here. She would search for it. Nathan and I cleaned our room.

I went to go look for my boat in the bathroom and it was gone. My mom did something with it. I was kinda mad but if I ask her she would tell me our toys can’t be laying around in the bathroom. She must be on her period. I need to find out what that means. The house needs to be clean when she is on her period.

“Ben, Allie is on the phone, come get it.”

“Hi Allie.”

“You gonna come over today like you said?”

“Nathan and I will be over soon. We gotta eat lunch first.”

“Ok. Bring your notebook over.”


Allie is the same age. She moved here last year. There aren’t too many kids that live on my street. She has a sister the same age as Nathan, Samantha.

I put a jacket on and grabbed the notebook. I put it underneath the jacket so my Mom couldn’t see.

To be continued…


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