Excerpt from a Romance Story

Please tell me what you think followers!

This has potential to be a published story.


We were sitting on the porch swing four months away from High school graduation. Reality was slowly sinking in and in my heart I knew what I wanted to be. Unfortunately I have kept this a secret. I couldn’t even tell her until today.

“So have you thought about what you want to do? You keep saying you don’t know but it seems you are too afraid to tell me. It’s like pulling teeth with you at times and it’s getting a bit fucking old.”

I glanced at her and paused.

“I will be back in a second.”

I went upstairs to open up the drawer to the nightstand. I stared at my notebook for a few moments and the fear for a moment disappeared. I came back to the porch swing and handed it to Allie.

“Open it up to page 15 and read.”

For the last year I watched your face illuminate. For the last year I have wondered what it would be like to kiss your lips. For the last year I have hidden a secret. For the last year somewhere at some point I have fallen in love with you. I was never afraid to feel but always feared the fall. For the last year I have thought about our future not just mine. For the last year I have imagined my life with you.

“This is beautiful, so what are you trying to tell me Ben?”

“I want to be a writer and I love you with all my heart.”

Allie was speechless.


  1. Interesting excerpt I don’t know where the story can go from there. Is this the incipit/ Premise to the story or is it a mid section of the story? The excerpt kept my attention I say this as someone who generally has a hard time with romance fiction. And I actually find myself curious for more. Great job. I don’t think I can give any advice style wise or for the plot since we got a tiny excerpt but from this I can tell you pay attention to detail and to words and understand the feels you want to procure to the reader.

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    1. Good that it got you vaguely interested if romance genre is not your usual tipple… I think this could go in all sorts of directions in fact and I certainly like the vibe of the characters 👌🏼

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  2. Well I liked what I read. I’m not much into reading about “teenage love” but I assume the story will go much beyond that. I say, go for it! You are an incredible writer and you always turn out beautiful work so I would definitely read it, since it’s from you.

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  3. Heyyy! You should write more of this! Young love is a great story choice. It’s as if you just sent me those butterflies in my stomach as I was reading this! I love it! Will wait for the second part ❤️

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  4. I like it. Its a wonderful idea to incorporate poetic journaling into a story and the prospects of the story seem very good. I would only ask one question: Do you intend this to be a YA novel? The age of the characters would indicate it is, and IF so, I might suggest with the greatest respect to temper the use of language. It could prove limiting in that market.

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  5. I enjoyed this .. I felt the impending anxiety of their potential separation in the summer when they follow their chosen paths …
    I would fall for him. He showed empathy while wanting to follow his goals. Attractive quality and I don’t even know what he looks like yet 🤣

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